My name is Ran Tavory and I’m a professional software developer based at Israel. This is my n’th blog I think… not sure what number… In this blog I’ll write about my professional life, what I’ve learned along the way in hope it can be put into good use.

I’ve had my share in various systems programming for quite a few companies, including Microsoft, Google, a few less known startups and outbrain, so the premise is since I stumbled upon so many lines of code, eventually I’ll do something right. May this right serve you well.

Other things I’m active on:

  • I’ve written gbsheli blog for 2 years.
  • I’m the co-author of the software developer podcast reversim.com (Hebrew רברס עם פלטפורמה)
  • I’ve created plenty of web apps, but most frequently I created TwitGraph and Count
  • I am the author of Hector, the popular java Cassandra client

My stackoverflow flair:

LinkedIn profile

Twitter: @rantav