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Widgets – iframe vs. inline

When writing a widget, should you use an iFrame or make the widget inline? Widgets are small web applications that can easily be added to any web page. They are sometimes called Gadgets and are vastly used in growing number of web pages, blogs, social sites, personalized home pages such as iGoogle, my Yahoo, netvibes [...]

Sometimes look on the bright side of life

I’m a big fan of Jeff Atwood, author of coding-horror and, co-author of the stack-overflow podcast so when I started this new blog I thought wouldn’t it be cool if I found a cool domain name a-la coding-horror or stack-overflow or such? But then I realized that all those names have negative connotations: stack-overflow (see [...]

The hitchhikers guide to bookmarklet authoring

I’ve written several bookmarklets lately so I wanted to write a tutorial/Q&A to help newbees and share what I’ve learned. Please leave comments if you have questions or you think I got something wrong and good luck with your first bookmarklet. What are bookmarklets?, Bookmarklets are small plugins/extensions to your browser. They are called that [...]

Hello Pretty World

As professional programmers you’re familiar with the term Pretty-print. Getting a cool domain name isn’t easy these days, so after weeks in search I was happy to finally get how cool is that? Code aesthetics and readability is just one of the things I care about the most when writing code.I’m a professional software developer with [...]